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"We are the Point of the Sword"

"We are the Point of the Sword"

Caring is our Business!

NLAC-DARMO provides a variety of supports for individuals and families in crisis.

"Creating Prosperous Futures"

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing!"

                                                                                ​Edmund Burke

Much of the social unrest we see in our culture is due to policies and trends that are spawned from less than noble social practices.  While society culturally understands right and wrong and resist injustices, it lacks the collective will to stand against wicked practices that impact social stability.  We stand for righteousness at any cost.  In righteousness all are stable and prosperous, as it is written, "When the righteous prosper the city rejoices...."

Our Mission

We believe that Care Evangelism is an important tool in not just sharing the Gospel, but also reaching out to meet the needs of our community.  Under the banner of Crisis & Transitional Outreach, our mission is to target "at-risk" populations with a demonstration of deployed resources and programming engineered to foster stability and development in those who are underprivileged and/or in need of a second chance!

It is important to note that our culture is sensitized to religion, yet we are socially challenged with mounting concerns on numerous fronts where cultural instability is the resulting feature.  The living conditions we observe in our culture bear little indication of the impact of religion.  We believe community outreach is a marker for life change and our mission as a faith-oriented organization is to develop outreach systems that promote life change; change that first begins with an awareness of the role of faith and the principles that govern stable living.  It is a true statement that demonstrates the feeding of one fish to a hungry soul only yields the result of that soul returning to acquire another meal.  Yet when we teach the hungry to fish for themselves they in turn will never go hungry again!  "Care Evangelism" demonstrates this value in our mission to target those recipients who desire life change!












Welcome, and thank you for visiting NLAC online. We hope that our website highlights the wide variety of Community helps and services we provided in a faith-oriented setting.

Please feel free to read more about our Agency and Task Force on this site, or come in for a visit. We would love to greet you and share with you how NLAC makes a difference in our neighborhood and across the region.

Our Vision

Our goal is the deployment of crisis and transitional resources and facilities across the region, creating a network of outreach cells that can respond to social concerns with an appropriate complement of resources. By linking with other like-minded organizations to pool resources we expand our reach and effectiveness. We can create a greater impact on those social concerns that plague our nation when we create smart social innovations that are comprehensive and proficient.  Our focus is to avoid service redundancy by coordinating outreach systems with other community entities. 

Our capital vision is the deployment of a state-of-the-art multifamily facility with a capacity of 250 beds.  This is not a shelter, but rather a transitional clearing house capable of triaging a myriad of social and transitional concerns.  This facility would also house an internet cafe, a conference hall, and a commercial kitchen. This facility in addition to five transitional facilities in every ministry hub across the region would afford us a command response to homelessness, displacement, and other social concerns like domestic violence, substance abuse, returning citizen reentry, human trafficking, and other social anomalies.

Our Projects & Services

The "LifeStyle" Recovery Initiative:

The "LifeStyle" Recovery Initiative (LRI) comprises 7 project initiatives and a host of support programming and services crafted to provide comprehensive ministry and care.

LRI Project Initiatives:

1. Interim Housing & Transitional Project (IHTP)

2. Crisis WatchCare  & Counseling Project (CWC)

3. Continuing Adaptive Skills & Training Systems (CASTES)

4. Conciliation, Arbitration & Mediation Project (CAMP)

5. Addictions Management Project (AMP)

6. HomeFront Veterans Support Project (HVS)

7. Family Crisis Advocacy & Support Project (FCASP)

Wilson Memorial United Methodist Church answers the call to action by collaborating with NLAC-DARMO to provide emergency shelter care services for Domestic Violence Survivors caught up in Non-profit and Institutional Fraud.  You can follow the DARMO Task Force page on FaceBook for details.

Latest News

Check out our pictorials of Care House Ministry and the latest on the DayStar Regional Outreach Initiative.


We invite you to participate in our Quarterly Community Men's Forum: Men of Spiritual Swagger


Please show your support and donate to our Care House Friends and Family Network.  Your support helps with the deployment of transitional facilities and the ongoing support of our clients.  In addition, we are able to off training tuition support to recruits interested in becoming DARMO Unit Chaplains.


All proceeds go directly to facility operations and services for those we serve!

News Feeds, Past Projects & Project Updates:

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and stay current with our weekly feeds.  There is a lot that goes on with Care House Ministry and we invite you to be a part.  Become a "Care House" Friends & Family Network  member and participate first hand in the ministry and care that changes lives!  Help us deploy additional transitional residents that will aid families in times of crisis, displacement, and homelessness.

Your support of the DARMO Task Force helps us to deploy Field Chaplains across the National Capital Region and continue critical incident response around the region.

NLAC-DARMO launches Mission DC: Family Focus 911 Initiative and begins intensive missional outreach work and public safety initiatives East of the River in the District of Columbia.  The recent rash of youth violence and Officer involved shootings prompted Faith Leaders under the direction of Dr. Edwin L Jones, Sr., Senior Pastoral Convener with the support of the Dept. Justice to engage in community outreach deployments over and above ministry programming in communities hard hit by violence and community disparities.  Once such event was sponsored by Pastor Kearney at Missionary New Birth Baptist Church in Deanwood.  Pastor Kearney concluded Sunday morning worship earlier and took his congregation outside to engage in fellowship with neighborhood residents.

Read more about Family Focus 911 Initiative in upcoming missional updates!

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