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About us

The New Life Advocacy Council (NLAC) celebrates 20 years of outreach performance with non-governmental resources. The agency was founded in 1993 by Chaplain Tim J. Buffaloe (Chaplain "T") with the assistance of two Elders, Alfred Delacruz and William Lockwood of the former Waldorf Church of God.  Originally intended to function as a ministry of the church, NLAC gained prominence in establishing outreach systems designed to integrate faith-oriented resources with municipal and community services to create a more holistic service plan for the underserved.  The result is an innovative social response solution that preserves and changes lives.

Later NLAC evolved into an independent Community Outreach Agency with collaborative ties to municipal organizations that served the greater community of Charles County and the greater metropolitan area over the course of years.  With the formulation of our regional Faith Council, NLAC began to expand its reach and vision to demonstrate stability and life change in the most difficult social venues.  In addition, NLAC would provide a critical resource with the establishment of the first faith-oriented transitional housing project in Charles County.  As the agency continued to expand the ministry plan we later linked with Peace and Comfort Ministries Worldwide, Pastor Jerry Wade.  With similar histories in outreach, both organizations collaborated to develop stronger outreach initiatives and today both Chaplain T and Pastor Wade work together to create the first comprehensive regional outreach initiative, the DayStar Regional Ministry Initiative (DRMI).  DARMO (DayStar Advanced Response Ministerial Operations) became the frontline responder in the development of the Field Chaplaincy Corp. and 1st Responder Ministry Initiative in Southern Maryland.  

The Council’s Agency, now NLAC-DARMO, demonstrates a longstanding history of outreach performance in communities throughout the metropolitan area.  Four strategic residential care deployments, economic opportunities for “at-risk” populations, a host of developmental programming supports, mobile educational initiatives, and a highly-skilled volunteer staff of Chaplains, Clergy, Support Specialist, and Outreach Partners devoted to the focus of life change!  NLAC-DARMO continues a legacy of enduring, committed, and unsung community service that is not municipally tied or politically influenced, or supported. We offer undaunted allegiance to biblical ordinance and spiritual reformation so that Christ is glorified in all that we do!

"We make caring our business and our business is care."

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