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​The CareHouse Friends & Family Network (CFFN) is a community support group that connects our recipients, their family, their friends, our family, and our friend in a unique way that heightens awareness and education regarding the subject of American homelessness, displacement, and other social anomalies.  The group sponsors activities and events that afford us all the opportunity to come together in the spirit of love and collective community support.


Since the inception of the CareHouse Ministry, a unique opportunity was created as we responded to homeless and displacement concerns.  We developed bonds with friends and family members, who appreciated the level of support made available not just to the recipient — but they too would benefit from the value of Care House Ministry. We realized the importance of family members having an understanding of crisis and transitional programming and we created activities so family members could interact and in turn, express concerns about the progress of the recipient.

While many recipients shy away from family involvement, in many cases due to the level of estrangement experience, the majority welcomed the idea of having family in the mix.  This is atypical of shelter care models where residents feel isolated and alone.

Care House Ministry promotes the atmosphere of "home," regardless of the background administration and programming around our residential sites.  CFFN is a program boost that enhances the impact and experience.  As a result, family members are willing to pitch in to provide those secondary supports that help the recipients maximize the experience of transitional living.

The Network also helps with fundraising and project activity, creating an enriching experience for the recipients with lasting value.

"Care House" Friends & Family Network

Won't you help us continue the impact of Care House Ministry...become a CFFN member today with a pledge of $5 each month or make a one time donation.  We appreciate your support!

We appreciate your support!  All funding proceeds go directly to services and support for the clients we serve.​

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