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CFFN EVENTS: Caring Is Our Business!

Our events center on community focus and involvement and we welcome the challenge of informative participation that promotes education and awareness.  Our goal is to confront and educate, creating an impact for change; our focus is to rehabilitate and restore, promoting stability and order.  CFFN events are about hope and community, absent political agenda, special interest, and all the trappings entailed.  Won't you join us at our next event!

Men of Spiritual Swagger


Men of Spiritual Swagger (MoSS) is the mobilization of mature men who understand their civic responsibility to involve themselves in the lives of other hurting men and "at risk" males coming from institutional settings.  Our quarterly gathering of men across the region is the opportunity to reach out across all lines of distinction in a demonstration of unity and awareness.

Our focus groups and community men's forum tackles the tough issues that all men face and are hesitant to discuss.

CFFN Walkathon: A Walk for Transitional Resources Now


CFFN Walkathons are about community awareness and participation!  It is our expression of being a good neighbor.

A time when CareHouse residents can also participate in enlightening other that homelessness and displacement is a problem that can be solved when we focus on help those around us and in our backyard.

A Care House Christmas


Christmas and the holiday season can be a stressful time for most Americans.  Can you imagine how it is for the homeless and displaced.  How difficult is it for parents to cope with children in displacement during the Christmas season?  Christmas at the CareHouse is an opportunity to share the focus we all should have during this time of year.  It is the Love of Christ demonstrated in unique and special ways.

For more information regarding CFFN Events please check our Facebook page for scheduled activities.​

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