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DayStar Advanced Response Ministerial Outreach (Operations)

"Public Safety Is Not Just A Matter For The State; It's A Matter Of Righteousness."


The DayStar Advanced Response Ministerial Outreach Task Force (DARMO or DTF) represents the finest collaboration of like-minded, faith-driven professionals with the mission to penetrate and impact communities with critical social concerns.  DTF operates under the mandates of the DayStar Regional Ministry Initiative and represents a distinct expression of evangelism and care in target communities where criminality and disenfranchisement run hand in hand.  For too long Churches and faith-based organizations have yielded to harsh social issues allowing poverty, depravity, and unrighteousness to go unchecked in communities where public safety is of paramount importance.  The differing fronts between law enforcement, governmental programming, and religious institutions can no longer bear the excuse of separation.  Partnership, cooperative values, and strong collaborative responses are necessary to reduce community instability and ease resource drain.  Our police departments are overworked and municipal institutions are buckling under a load of increasing social instability.  It's time for the Body of Christ to share and impact the load by committing on the ground ministerial responses that are common sense, proactive,  and life-changing.

Where it Began

DARMO begins with the DayStar Regional Ministry Initiative introduced by Chaplain Tim J. Buffaloe and fostered by seven dedicated ministerial responders in two regions.


This effort sparked a specific plan to create a ministry network with service hubs around the region.  These regional ministry hubs would demonstrate the continuity of care by adopting a common ministerial footprint and a common service plan.  Clients can expect the same level of professionalism, dedication, and service no matter where in the region they sought services and support.  Clients needing specialized care could be transferred to another region and find the same platform of care upon arrival.


The Body of Christ is not bound by jurisdictional boundaries.  Our network would prove to demonstrate how Christians can respond to community needs by pooling resources across geographic zones, realizing the benefit of how ministry changes things, one life at a time.

Field Chaplaincy (1st Responder Ministry)

The Field Chaplain is the front line responder for the DARMO Task Force. Our society is ever-evolving as social concerns and responses become more entrenched in needs-based resources.  The Field Chaplain is trained and certified to go beyond traditional ministerial roles and address inordinate community problems.  Each Chaplain has a unique skill set, making him specifically qualified to approach a myriad of issues and provide common-sense ministerial responses.

The Responses We Provide


As we are community conscience, we are sensitive to the changing needs of our society and the need to proactively participate in activities where Churches endeavor to impact community stability with the mission of the Gospel.


We are happy to provide supports that secures the well being of the general public and we work alongside local enforcement resources to demonstrate order and safety for the enjoyment of all.


Our DTF teams blend ministry and protections to proffer a mission critical response that is prepared to confront social challenges with contingencies that are responsive and restorative in nature.  We firmly believe in protecting what we deploy and supporting the local church as they reach out to the lost and hurting!

The Reputation We Achieve


DARMO Ministerial Operatives are engaged in community response, service, and education.  Our goal is to proactively address community needs with targeted resources.  We are happy to work with other agencies and enjoy fruitful relationships with other community responders.


We believe no one entity can address the myriad of concerns that face a Nation that is rapidly transitioning into a post-millennial culture, where resources are stretched and social stability is critical.  Unity and collaboration are necessary to foster the proper social imprint that secures a bright future for generations to come.

Our Members in Action


The Task Force is comprised of NGO member agencies/organizations that work alongside the Chaplaincy Corp to provide comprehensive responses to critical social concerns.  The synergy between community response and support is DTF's specific paradigm, fostering an effective service offering that changes lives.


We firmly believe that public safety is not just a matter for the State, rather it is a matter of righteousness.  DARMO contributes to community stability by creating resources that offer profound opportunities for communities to address their own problems without the dependency upon municipal influence.

Our Chaplains in Action


Traditional Ministerial activity is important and an essential part of the mission of Christian service.  We have expanded this mission to respond to community concerns requiring active and frontline support — we call this "1st Responder Ministry."  Jesus gave example with the parable of the Good Samaritan.  A traveling soul who stopped to attend to the needs of a wounded traveler, who had been ignored by other passersby.


Our Field Chaplains are equipped to engage public safety in a manner that assists local 1st Responders and law enforcement.  Our Good Samaritan Initiative establishes a plan to aid the community in times of crisis.

It is always a blessing to respond to hurting people, especially in times of crisis.  People know you care, when you are willing to step into their storms and be with them until the skies brighten, the winds die down, and the darkness is no more!


A Field Chaplain is on call in season and out, ready to bring response and comfort, so that the soul will know relief and hope!

In-Service to Public Servants


The bible teaches the Church to pray for our leaders and not fear those who exercise the authority of justice.  They are ministers of righteousness to keep the peace. The Church is the peacemaker and the minister of reconciliation and restoration.  Our example in fostering healthy relationships with law enforcement and public officials is essential to securing the public trust in a manner that is restorative and wholesome.


Our Field Chaplains are charged with participating in community policing initiatives to aid local responders in the critical mission of public welfare.  As an independent unit and corp, we are free to engage the mission of ministry and service in a manner that is respectful, yet entirely biblical.  Our Protections agents are dedicated and experienced responders as well, aiding the mission of the Field Chaplain in hostile environments.

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"1st Responder Ministry"

First responder ministry creates a bridge between our communities and municipal responders and government agencies to address service gaps and the attrition that occurs during times when people are in need or in times of crisis.  Law enforcement and municipal institutions are not always able to respond to observations where human deficiency is evident.  Law enforcement officials often observe social concerns that they cannot respond to under the law, however, Christian Service can address and impact such concerns.


Our ministerial operatives are trained specialists ready to perform proactive service that precludes negative social escalation and targets "at-risk" behaviors that can easily evolve into legal or life-threatening concerns.  Crisis Care Ministry is an essential tool in fostering stability and enhancing community/emergency response.

We live in troubled times as we observe increase in officer involved shootings and tragedy in the sanctuary of a church in the South.  The Baltimore riots also demonstrate the need for on the ground ministry in communities that struggle with socio-economic distress!  It's time for comprehensive and expanded ministerial responses to serious social anomalies. The DARMO Field Chaplain is already positioned to provide trauma informed supports and 1st responder enhancements.  The Chaplain has a distinguished history of frontline service in many institutions.  Time to take this legacy to the next level in addressing post millennial social amomalies.

Field Chaplaincy is a new expression of Christian Service that introduces 1st Responder Ministry.  For too long Chaplains have served at the behest of municipal organizations that will readily sacrifice ministry for political and bureaucratic influence.


There is a balance between professional response, competency and ministerial focus that impacts social concerns.  Field Chaplaincy stands as an independent discipline with clear ties to the church and community, however positioned in service and qualification to respond to municipal order.


Our Chaplains are certified responders with specific skill sets for social order.

"For the one in authority is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God's servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer."

Romans 13:4

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