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"DARMO in Action"

One of the critical aspects of our response activities is the focus on relational care.  Human suffering is common to all, however often times we fail to recognize the range of responses and their duration.  In times of crises it is easy to forget the depths of humanity and human response, getting caught up in the execution of response plans and the deployment of resources.  Understandably, municipal officials often don’t have the luxury of taking the pause to express empathy and connectivity.  It most assuredly doesn’t mean response teams are not touched by the realities of human suffering.  However, the role that we play assuredly addresses the necessary response to secure the integrity of the mission while factoring in the focus of our humanity.  We all cope with adversity in a vast variety of ways and the range can be limitless.  It is our specific creed to create and maintain connectivity to the communities we serve and continue to provide support as necessary well after the crisis has been mitigated and stability achieved.

We understand when multiple agencies and emergency entities converge to render aid and support, it is easy for people to get lost in the activity of coordination and deployment.  Tempers flare, frustrations heighten, the grief response profound, and people in general just want to lend a hand.   Government entities and jurisdictions can easily get caught up in bureaucracy; churches will often respond with an overabundance of resources creating degrees of duplication.  DARMO was designed to deploy specific ministerial resources with an intuitive perspective that evaluates the specific need for a specific response. The Field Chaplain is responsive to the tides of human behavior with specific emphasis on 1st responder activity where ministry makes all the difference in achieving stability and continuity of care.  In addition, we advance an interface aiding the local Church with providing appropriate resource response in times of critical need.  This is simply because we are accustomed to working the everyday crises that factor human behavior and we understand the depths of human emotion and the impact spiritual awareness plays.

 There is a sage old principle that states, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  This is a proper ideal when you observe and measure the way we approach adversity!   We’ve assembled a Task Force of grassroots organization with an equal commitment to the human equation and the deployment of those resources that enhance the mission of emergency management as well as 1st responder activity.  The DARMO Task Force (DTF) provides a comprehensive approach to resource pooling and management by identifying collaborators with joint initiatives and best practices and an on-the-ground presence that promotes trust equity and relational value.  In a social and political environment where resources and ideals are severely tasked and public trust is under strain, partnership development and collaboration in the faith community advances a proficient and effective response and outreach package.

DTF trains and creates operatives that are well connected to the mission and proficient in providing appropriate outreach systems for targeted communities.  We also foster meaningful partnerships in municipal arenas where the mission and response objectives overlap.  The common goal is the preservation of life and our ministerial directive is the deployment of aid and comfort to that end! This makes all the difference when coming alongside emergency response and management agencies at the municipal level that is tasked with a specific mission of relief, inclusive of risk mitigation, recovery, and resource deployment.

We are ministerial professionals who care and caring is our business! 

When our police officials reach out for community support and engagement.

When we need to support the under-served and the returning citizen.

When we need a collaborative response to critical social concerns.

When our officers require supports on the ground in target and at risk communities.

When we need to share our hopes and aspirations in simple demonstrations of consideration and care.

When our churches reach out to address critical needs and respond with crucial supports.

When we proactively converge to demonstrate our support for communities in need.

"Our Creed"

Lord Your Word Declares, We Are To Carry the Message of the Gospel.

We pledge to declare the Love of Christ in the demonstration of consideration; in the execution of support; in expressing those values of peace, hope, and the good news of redemption. We are instruments of peace!


Your Word Declares, We Are Commissioned Ambassadors of Salvation.

We pledge to deliver our message according to expedience, recognizing the reality of mortality; understanding our focus to comfort the soul and exhort the spirit; to deliver hope, not judgment; to act according to holiness; to mirror the character of Christ in all that we do and say.


Your Word Declares, We Are The Salt of the Earth!

We pledge to preserve life in the demonstration of service; in the execution of crisis care ministry; in the administration of spiritual care during times of disaster, civil disturbance, and other trauma related events; we shall promote restoration in the course of ministry.


Your Word Declares, You Have Shown Us the Way of Grace.

We pledge to walk circumspect in that Grace; to uphold what is just; to extend mercy to our enemies; to walk according to humility. We shall do no harm in our convictions and lovingly present our hope when requested.


Your Word Declares, We Are to Pray For Those in Authority and the Leaders of Our Land.

We pledge to do just that; to prayerfully lift up the Nation’s leadership; to support those leaders at the local level in prayer and in intercession.  To offer Godly counsel when called upon and render spiritual service as needed; to demonstrate righteousness in the execution of the charge of chaplaincy; to confront unrighteousness with boldness and without hesitation; to have our words seasoned with Grace, yet robust in truth.


Your Word Declares, We Should Occupy Until Your Return!

We pledge to advance righteousness by upholding the public trust and maintaining our positioning to defend truth, support justice, promote civility, inspire courage, foster hope, and demonstrate love in all aspects of our response.  We will sustain the down trodden spirit in times of crisis and trauma; we will comfort the weary and bereaved when mortality is challenged; we will stand by those brothers and sisters at arms, who oppose wicked and defend the weak; we will always extend the “capella,” the cloak of comfort when in the field.  We will hold our ground, so that evil cannot advance!


Your Word Declares, We Should Consider Ways to Exhort One Another to Love & Good Works.

We pledge to advance spiritual innovations to inspire righteousness and good works; we will deploy Missional initiatives that foster well being and promote stability; we will create service plans and projects that address social need; we will promote an adaptive mission, ever mindful of our charge to remain diligent and spiritually aware at all times.


This, our pledge and creed, as a DARMO Field Chaplain; we shall abide according to our promise to render service and execute our duty according to God’s Will and Grace, Amen!

When we need to positively impact and serve individuals and families with much needed resources and on going supports.

When we need to stand up for those who are at risk, protecting them from harm and shielding their vunerabilities

When we need to secure the well being of families in distress, creating safe spaces for them to thrive.

When we need to be a visible influence, alerting the community that we care.

When we need to teach values, skills, and ideals to strengthen those who look to us for care and support.

When we need to protect our children, shielding them from the effects of crises. They require our complete allegiance and care.

When you need to know that someone will be there, we'll be there, and we'll stay until you're ready for us to go!

"We Pledge to Be On the Line and in the Storm"

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