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Developmental Groups

Our developmental groups offer the challenge of life awareness and development.  Social stability is fully realized when we recognize that we are only as strong as our weakest link.  We can ill afford the continued practice of social nullification and/or stratification.  We endeavor to address social ills at their most basic platforms.  The foundation of this social fabric that we weave begins with men and women.  Before we get to race; before creed; before class or cast, we must look at the individual lives of those men and women who make up the social order.  Their healthy development and support are fundamental to the survival of every cultural expression known on the planet.  God knows no respect of persons and neither do we!
Women Unveiled, Feminine Affairs & Women's Support

We offer support for women that comprehend the feminine psyche, as we see our society riddled with ills and anomalies that attack and destroy the character of femininity.  Women require support and the comradery of other women who can empathize with the paths taken and the decisions that have led to crises.

Our support groups are informative, adhibiting a gender-specific curriculum that speaks to the core of women's issues.  We offer life coaching platforms where women benefit from expert awareness as well as peer influence and support. It is said that women form a sisterhood.  Women Unveiled offers a life-centered sisterhood for women who are unveiled by social anomalies and exposed to instability. There is no subject that is taboo and no issue where comfort and care do not result in healing and well-being!



Standards for Men, Men's Studies & Support Sessions

As it is with women's issues, men require just as much support if not more.  Yet our social climate demands that a man is on point, at the top of his game, and in control of situations.  And what if he is not in control of his situation?  What is the response for that man who demonstrates abhorrent behavior and a lifestyle that is anti-social?  The social pressures that ply upon masculinity can be daunting and unyielding.  How does a hurting man measure up when his environment tells him to suck it up and act like a man?

There are standards that demonstrate a healthy perspective on manhood and mature masculinity  Our supports for men introduce enlightening concepts for male development and spiritual awareness.  Men are not without solutions to those social anomalies that plague their lives.  From the returning male to the addict, our support groups foster a healthy outlook on the life seasons that men experience.  We offer mentorship for "at-risk" males who struggle with social adjustment and reintegration at all levels.

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