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We're a member of the DARMO Task Force

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"We don't compete, we complete"

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The DARMO Task Force (DTF) takes its place in realizing effective collaboration and the synergy of response and service. More than a cooperative, DTF is a complement of faith-oriented NGOs and service organizations with a distinct understanding of a unified system of outreach and care. The leaders of the group fundamentally understand more can be accomplished in collaboration than in singular attempts to respond to the myriad of concerns that confront a post-millennial society. The Task Force paradigm is simple, “We don’t compete, we complete!” DTF is proactively engaged in social responses, "at-risk" population management/care, and most importantly, Kingdom building one community at a time.

The following organizations are Missional and Service Responders: New Life Advocacy Council, New Broken Vessels, Sincere 7, Basics Group Practice, Courtney's House, New Day Help Center, Stafford Missional Task Force, and Urban Style Media.  Each organization plays a critical role in helping the Task Force fulfill it's mission and ministry across the National Capital Region.

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