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American communities now face a myriad of social challenges as our economy continues to foster uncertainty. The Council's agency is not without specific sensitivity to the growing need for social resources and solutions to longstanding issues and concerns.  Marriages and Families face intense adversity during a period in our Nation's history that offers little to no hope.  It is our focus to continually adapt and deploy services and social resources that demonstrate hope, stability, and life change.

Skills & Developmental Training

We offer comprehensive skills training to better equip our recipients to meet the challenge of adaptation in a society with expanding technologies and ever changing markets.


Information Technologies, Life Skills, Life Coaching, and Mentorship all comprise the folio of developmental services offered to sustain the whole man.  Social innovation is an important tool in expanding both the mind and the heart.  Character building is the icing that makes the cake rich and flavor-full.

Our most precious commodity is human resources, yet we tend to overlook those segments of society that struggle to identify and make a lasting contribution.  Our perspective is to target and cultivate these untapped resources and demonstrate that second chances yield good fruit!

Transitional Housing

Residential care is an important and critical resource in a society that has not met the challenge to create affordable living domiciles that match the demand.

Our solution is the adaptation of housing services that not only creates safe havens and provides residential care solutions, but also promotes a developmental track for recipients in need of the necessary skills to acquire housing on their terms. The Interim Housing & Transitional Project is our answer to developing transitional housing resources now!

​To inquire about transitional housing services please contact us at (202) 239-1483

Spiritual Awareness & Social Programming


How can we meet the challenge of social stability if we do not first challenge the heart to embrace a change of course, attitude, and character!

We offer a myriad of developmental programs in a faith oriented setting.  While it is important to address social concerns, it is equally important to create awareness. Beginning with an awareness of oneself and the need to evaluate and adopt a stable living forms.

​The core element of social instability often begins with decision.  Decisions are long lasting and life changing and we focus on helping recipients understand those core values that lead to good decision making skills and successful living.


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