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Over the years we have endeavored to foster positive relationships with the individuals and families we serve.  Some of those relationships did not always start out on a positive note; however, the Word of God provides solutions to creating healthy relationships that foster lasting fellowship.  We are blessed to say that those relationships still continue today in one form or another and we are able to share in their life achievements.  Many have returned later in their lives to thank us for being a directive and positive influence.  Many are a present-day testimony of the transformation God fosters as we endeavor to lift His name and precepts in our programming!

“I was smoking weed several times a day.  I started drinking and when I drank I drank to get twisted.”

  • Today Jessica Cain is a spirited woman of faith with a vibrant testimony of the Grace of God.


We are blessed to have been a part of the transiton and transformation, a legacy unto eternity!

"Safe and Warm"


“I came to NLAC a hurt and devastated woman.  I was separated from my husband because of adultery and domestic violence.   I am a mother of two young beautiful boys.  In my separation, I started smoking weed, which led to an everyday thing.  When I didn’t have my kids on the weekends, all I did was party.   I started dating a drug dealer, and let him move into my home.

I was smoking weed several times a day.  I started drinking and when I drank I drank to get twisted.   I even passed out in a club because I was drunk and high.   All of this caused me  to get evicted from my apartment.  After that my boyfriend and I broke up, me and my boys have no where to go!  My boys stayed with my Mom and my sister, after a couple of days they let me stay too, but my Dad only gave me thirty days to find somewhere else.

Nothing was working out at all.  I couldn’t even find a room to rent.  My Mom took me to my brother’s church and the Pastor gave me Tim Buffaloe’s number.  After a long emotional phone call, I exhaled and felt relief.   It was time to start a new life!  I realized that God snatched me up out of that horrible situation for a fresh start.  Mr. Buffaloe told me  that I would have a safe place for me and my children, off the streets.   

I stayed in NLAC for a year.  I met new people who were in the same situation I was, if not worse.   I joined a church, got baptized.   I formed a new relation with God and the leaders he sent me.   My husband even came to NLAC and we tried to work on reconciliation despite of me.  After a year, I walked away.  I left NLAC and tried to go on my own.  I told God I just wasn’t ready and I had to give up.  Well, the devil grabbed hold of that opportunity!

He had me back to drugs, drinking, and adultery all over again.   It was seven times worse.  These evil spirits were on me like white on rice.  My youngest son developed asthma, he was in the hospital for ten hours before they got him stable enough to go home.  Again, I had no place to go.  God had to take me down to practically living out of my van.   I got fired from my job!  All I had left was my boys and our things.   As I sat and cried one evening after my brother told me he couldn’t help me.   I humbled myself and called NLAC, they all welcomed me back with open arms.

That night I cried to God and begged his forgiveness, thanking Him that he is a forgiving God and thanking Him that I still had my boys.   From that moment I have a peace about me, I am ready for a clean slate and feel as white as snow.  I am ready to get and even better job than I had before, and in due time settle into my own home that God will provide for me and my boys.   I am waving bye bye to the devil and staying with God where it is safe and warm.”


"New Beginnings"


"I met Tim in a time in my life when I needed him the most. I lost my dad at the age of 15 and got into a relationship that was very abusive at the age of 16. I got stuck and had no idea how to get out. It was just easier to stay stuck. I got pregnant at the age of 21. It was then that I had no choice but to straighten up. I was so scared to end the relationship because of retaliation.


Chap. T became the dad I was lacking and gave me the strength, courage, and wisdom to confront him and end it. Because of Tim I now have a loving husband and 3 beautiful children. I have my own relationship with the Lord and couldn't ask for anything more. Tim and his wife Lisa will always be very special to me. The time and dedication they spent on me will never be forgotten. They have hearts of gold and have no idea the impact they had in my life."

  • Lauren and Richard are an inspiration to us all and an example of God's second chance power.  They are a never ending source of blessings as we watch them grow and achieve from a distance.  They have a loving family and a host of supports that keep them strong and happy!  We always stand ready to be of assistance to assure their continued success!

“He became the dad I was lacking and gave me the strength, courage, and wisdom...”

"Chaplain Buffaloe is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met in his field of work, in my personal experience of having had the pleasure of working with this man and his team during a personal family crisis.


I have found him to be a person that I know I can always call any time of the day or night and he will always be right there. He demonstrates a true passion for his work in seeing the hearts and lives of individuals and their families changed and on the road to wellness and stability. The team he has standing behind him share the same values, vision, and beliefs."

We all find ourselves in times of need and crises.  It is a blessing to minister to those of the household of faith and watch them overcome with the proper support.  Jessica & Ricky strive to be the couple God called them to be.  We believe in connectivity for generations to come and when we made the investment of ministry in the lives of this couple, it secured a bright future for their son.


  • Jess finished her education and works in the Counseling Pychology field with victims of abuse and homelessness.  Richard is a CDL driver now with a cross country route!  He is also a talented rap artist with a goal to become a Faith-centered lyrist in the Hip Hop industry.  We thank God for the fruit demonstrated in their lives and continue to pray for their success!

“The team he has standing behind him share the same values, vision, and beliefs”

"Renewing our Commitment"

Many years ago Chaplain Buffaloe ran a faith based outreach program in Waldorf Md. Chaplain Buffaloe, with the Lord's help and guidance, saved me from myself while I was in that fellowship. My entire life was transformed by that experience. I am pleased to see the Lord is still guiding Chaplain Buffaloe and still sending him to help those who have lost their way and have fallen prey to an unforgiving, unloving, deceitful enemy. May God continue to bless him and his work.


The challenges that men face in our culture is no less daunting than any other concern of our culture.  It is doubly rewarding to see men embrace the Grace of God and change the course of destiny, by becoming more than a conqueror!


  • Today Jim is a successful Roofing Contractor; a bold and vocal man of faith!

“Chaplain Buffaloe, with the Lord's help and guidance, saved me from myself”

"Embracing Change"

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