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Volunteer Ministry & Outreach Teams

Without the support and dedication of committed volunteers, the agency would not be what it is today.  Our ministry and community teams comprise the finest minds and hearts you can find.  We can deploy a staff of professionals who understand the spiritual and tactical importance of social innovation and the critical need to operate in areas that are underserved.  We are a family of believers with professional standing and a commitment to Christian service and excellence!

Our Current DARMO Deployment Team

Curtis Anderson

Protections Chief

Tara Winters

Intern/Support Specialist

Chaplain Lisa_edited.png

Lisa Buffaloe

Chaplain/Special Projects Coordinator

Arnita Anderson

EMR/Facilities Specialist

DeAnna Carl

 Field Chaplain

anita buffaloe_edited.jpg

Anita Buffaloe

Cognitive Behavorial Specialist

Tanya Pope

Executive Director

Terrence Jordan

Chief Training Officer

SS​gt. Trelaine Buffaloe

Support Consultant for Veterans Supports (Active Duty)

Chief FC Buffaloe II.tif

Tim J. Buffaloe

Chief Field Chaplain & Administrative Shepherd

Pastor Jerry Wade

Senior Chaplain

Lazurus Davis

Field Chaplain

Our DARMO Legacy Deployment Team

Bro. Patrick Dunlop

Community Outreach Operative

Chaplain (Pastor) Daniel Holton

Ministerial Operative

Chaplain (Pastor) Juan Gilmer

Ministerial Operative

Chaplain (Pastor) Saundra Gilmer

Ministerial Operative

"Past Volunteer Support Team SuperStars"

Pamela Proctor

Support Operative

Cheryl Ciccone

Support Operative

Beverly Deniston

Support Operative

Charlotte Kelton

Support Operative

Our success is clearly attributed to those individuals and staffers who understand the mission of crisis & trauma care and rendered aid in support of the many residents, and recipients that crossed our path.  Without these volunteers the Council's Agency and DARMO would not have the stellar reputation for Christian Service.  While many of them have moved on with other life adventures, we can still call upon them to lend a helping hand.  They are our superstars!

About our Community & Ministerial Operatives:

“Our ministry teams are a clear demonstration of Christian, Community, and Public Service. Each brings a level of expertise, professionalism, and valued missional experience. They are seasoned veterans in their areas of operation.”

Chaplain "T", Chief Field Chaplain & Administrative Shepherd

“Ministry is about service to the people God called us to witness to and our chief witness is the peace and comfort we labor to bring to their lives. Our team excels in creating and relating peace and comfort!”
Pastor Jerry Wade, Senior Field Chaplain & Administrative Shepherd

Founder & Director, Peace and Comfort Ministries Worldwide

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